[Gospel Song] Arese Daniels – Springtime (Pro by Factory)

Springtime is here
My times are flourishing
I’m bornagain
I’m born to reign and live the higher life
For it’s a brand new day
No better yesterday
For it’s a brand new day

I’m An Overcomer.
Living the Higher life.
I’m more than a Conqueror.
In the atmosphere of miracles .
Nothing can, No one can stop me.
I Spread everywhere I go.
It’s the new life I live in Christ .
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ( 2ce)
Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus

I’m drenched in the Overflow
I shine everywhere I go
I’m a glorious wonder, Masterpiece
It’s my season to reign
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